St Pete Cage Jan 2014


This particular screen enclosure wasn’t a total restoration. The only bolts that were in need of replacement were the bottom tap cons. This white cage is on the bigger side (over 2,600 sq), but as previously mentioned, we handle all shapes and sizes. We did encounter a lot of flaking paint so there was a good deal of sanding that needed to be done in order to get it in shape to paint.

The customer chose a dark bronze so it would not need to be cleaned nearly as much as the white cage. She also thought because she lived on a golf course the the darker bronze looked better than white (we totally agreed). The pool cage had taken a beating due to the weather, the 3 kids, and a dog. Of course, we brought it back to life and restored it for years to come.


  • TASK: Tapcon Replacement, Prep Work, Re-Painting
  • DATE: January 2014
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St Pete Pool Enclosure