Budget Cage


As homeowners tired of the poor condition of there pool area, this customer started out looking for someone to replace their pool enclosure structure. They received very expensive quotes due to their location and accessibility of the property.  They went online to look for an alternative to costly replacement and found us! They were pleased to find out that we charged less than half the cost of there lowest bid to totally restore their pool cage. It is very rare that we do an estimate and notice that the cage needs to be replaced. 99% of the time the damage is cosmetic and the hardware can be replaced to restore the cage like new. We can take your old flaking/chalking cage with rusty bolts and make it look brand new in no time while saving you money!


  • CLIENT LOCATION: St. Pete Beach
  • TASK: Hardware Replacement, Repaint, Rescreen
  • DATE: December 2013
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