2 Story Pool Enclosure Rehab

St Pete Pool Enclosure
2 Story Pool Cage FL After copy
2 Story Pool Cage FL Before copy


We received a call about re-screening this cage and were happy to provide an on-site estimate. The customer had looked at rebuilding a new cage as some of the hardware was rusted (a very common Gulf Coast problem) but the cost was prohibitive. At out consultation, we offered pricing for a complete restoration. it fell within the customers budget and was nearly half the cost of the rebuild.

The cage received all new hardware (an upgrade over the original equipment used), new high-impact screening, and our formulated paint that provides better defense against wind, rain, and sun. The color of the paint (which was selected by this customer) does a much better job taking the focus off of the pool enclosure and blends much better with the natural surroundings. We’re proud to be the #1 choice for Pool Cage Restoration in South Florida


  • CLIENT LOCATION: Saint Petersburg, FL
  • TASK: Paint Removal, Hardware Replacement, Re-screen, Painting Cage
  • DATE: Feb 2015
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