New Life for a 1980’s Pool Cage

Bringing An Old Pool Cage Back to Life in St. Pete Beach

When we say we handle repainting and restoring cages in any condition of any age, we mean it. This particular pool cage in St. Pete Beach is an older model cage built in the 1986.

Upon our initial inspection, the paint on it was almost entirely gone. The customer requested quotes to build a new cage but due to the sound craftsmanship of the cage, there was no reason to tear it down and replace it. The homeowner called us for a quote to refurbish it and was initially interested strictly for the cost savings.

Although this cage is free of any paint it had just as much prep if not more then some of our cages. Being close to the beach, the weather and corrosion took its toll and the cage was in need of much sanding and prep work. As u can see in the before and after images, the end result was fantastic and the customer was ecstatic to have saved money and kept his current structure out of a local landfill.

We’re always happy to help our customers save money and breathe new life into your patio and pool area. Don’t hesitate to give us a call should you be interested in restoring your aluminum cage or lanai!

20140826_Prep Work on Pool cage
20140902_Finished Painted Cage
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