Complete Restoration in Clearwater

Going With Stainless – Complete Restoration in Clearwater

This customer was interested in having a total cage restoration. He requested to have all the bolts and hardware on his pool cage replaced. We provide our customers options when changing hardware. We offer is Nylotech which is a steel screw encased in nylon. The second option is uses all stainless hardware. Both have their pros and cons but this particular customer went with stainless screws paint and screen.

We also addressed chipping and pealing of the factory powder coating. There are a couple of ways a powder coat from the factory can fail. It can flake or it can chalk and corrode until it reaches the original bare metal. This cage had corroded and ‘chalked’ likely due to large amounts of rain and sun exposure which is common to our area. After a long day with pressure washing we used rags to remove all remaining chalk by hand. We were then able to up grade his cage from top to bottom. The finished product, as you can see, blends in nicely with his pool area and will last for years to come.


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